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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Cedar Rapids! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Cedar Rapids, IA. Our company believes that for a business to grow, you need to establish a meaningful relationship with your customers. With more than ten years of experience in dealing with a range of animal infestation, we have created a system that works efficiently for our customers. A company does not necessarily have to establish an empire to create a difference in the community. You simply have to offer something practical and compelling that will get rid of their problem. With our wildlife control company, you are not just hiring our service; you are also utilizing our knowledge, skills, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment. We also acknowledge the fact that a good idea can come from anyone. Thus, we listen attentively to our customers and our people. Every time that we need to make a critical decision, we will often think of how it can help our customers. We want to make sure that you can feel safe in your home, and you can minimize your business downtime. The things that make us different from other companies are the things that make us better. Take a pick on the various services that we offer; whether you need a simple animal removal or a complete decontamination process to eradicate those viruses, trust that we will do it to the best of our ability. Call us now at 319-371-3320 for your Cedar Rapids wildlife control needs.

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Signs that You 100% Have Iowa Baby Squirrels in Your Attic - AND Steps to Take Next!

One may think that the Cedar Rapids squirrels running around the property is completely harmless. After all, these creatures are too small and fragile. As someone who works in the industry of wildlife control for years, we have provided assistance to homeowners who thought that squirrels are harmless. The secret to prevent the damages that they can inflict is to remain aware on the prevalent signs of their infestation in order to perform exclusion right away. However, things will become a bit complicated when there are baby squirrels at the attic.

Top 4 Signs That There Are Baby Squirrels at the Attic

In case there are Iowa baby squirrels in your attic, you don't want to disturb the nest since it may prompt the mother squirrel to leave her babies. You don't want this to happen since this will worsen your problem. Using eviction fluid is a better solution. It will make the mother squirrel think that your area is not safe for her young ones thus he will relocate them to another place. Here are some signs that will tell you that there are baby squirrels at the attic.

1. Noises

For those who are paying attention to the changes in their property, there is a high possibility that they will hear the sound of the baby squirrel before they even see it. The sound would be more prevalent during the winter season. One of the most common signs that you will hear when there is a baby is a high-pitched squealing sound. You may also hear scratching and chewing sound when the mother squirrel is just building the nest.

2. Droppings

The presence of the droppings of the Cedar Rapids squirrel can be an excellent indicator of a squirrel infestation. However, it can be difficult to discern the droppings of the squirrel since it is quite similar with other creatures such as the bats. However, for the baby squirrel, the appearance of the poop may resemble a small seed. The color may range from dark golden to yellow color. 

3. Nipples on Females

In the event that you caught an Iowa female squirrel during the nesting season, we advise you to look under its belly. If she has a swollen mammary gland, then there is a high probability that she is nursing her young ones. Trapping during this time is not recommended since you don't want the baby squirrels to be abandoned.

4. Visual Sightings

Looking for the nest of the Iowa squirrel will be relatively easy. They love to build their nest in the concealed, dark and warm area of the attic. Be sure to bring your head lamp when looking for their nesting place. Once you find them, you should not disturb the nest. You can play a radio near their den to frighten them. Squirrel hates the sound of the human voice, so you should tune in to talk station.

Paying attention to these signs will help you determine the best course of action. During this time, Cedar Rapids eviction fluid will work effectively in driving away the mother squirrel and her babies.