The Quickest and Easiest Way to Remove Cedar Rapids Bats

Bats are not aggressive Cedar Rapids creatures that will attack humans. Once the temperature drops, some of them might enter our house through the small holes and gaps. While bats are known to be beneficial to the environment, they can also create a mess once they choose our house as their roosting ground. The bat guanos can easily accumulate that can cause our ceilings to collapse. It can also contain pathogens that can carry health hazards.

How to Get Rid of the Bats Fast

Due to the multiple problems that a colony of Iowa bat may cause, you are probably looking for ways to get rid of them. before you perform the exclusion and removal techniques that we will mention here, be sure that you will carry the necessary permits and licenses. Most bats are protected under the federal and state law.

1. Identify the Problem

To start, you need to know that you are indeed dealing with a Cedar Rapids bat. The strange rustling noises in your attic can also be an indication of a damaged water pipe. Be sure that the other possibilities have already been excluded before you spend your resources in getting rid of the bat. To determine the presence of bats, you will have to pay attention to the clues that they will leave behind. The nauseating scent when you open the door that leads to your attic is an indication of their presence. There should also be piles of guano in their roosting place. Be sure that you will be equipped with protective gears when going to your attic. Inhaling the spores of their guano can be dangerous. You also need to determine the type of bat that you are dealing with.

2. Giving the Bats an Exit

In case the bat accidentally ended up inside your house, you must stay calm. Close the door that leads to the other room and open your windows that will direct them outside. Do not scare the creature since this may agitate them and cause them to be aggressive. In case this failed to work, you may use a net to capture them and then release them outside. A blanket can also be effective in capturing them.

3. Exclusion Devices

The above strategy will be effective if you do not have a full-blown infestation. In the event that there is a colony of bat in your Iowa attic, the faster solution would be to use exclusion devices. Be sure that the exclusion device is specifically designed for bats to ensure that it will not hurt their wings. This is undoubtedly, the most effective strategy in getting rid of the bats inside our house.

4. Calling a Bat Removal Agency

If you do not have confidence in driving the Iowa bat away or you do not carry the required license and permit, then allow the professionals to deal with them. They have the license to perform removal during the bat's maternity season. 

Bat removal is best to do during nighttime while the bats are out of their roosting place and hunting for Cedar Rapids food. It should also be repeated two times per week for the best result.

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